Thursday, December 19, 2013

Eureka Math - Common Core Open Curriculum Support!

From the website on their open math curriculum built from the ground up for common core state standards.  

It’s time to hear from the experts who created Eureka Math as you use the modules into your classroom. Common Core is bringing theEureka Math authors to you through a Webinar series starting in January.

These live, interactive events designed to deliver support for teachers as they implement the Eureka Math curriculum—A Story of Units, A Story of Ratios, and A Story of Functions. In this series, available for each grade K–9, curriculum writers from the Common Core team will address mathematical concepts and instructional strategies to promote student achievement in the classroom.

Two cohorts of Teach Eureka! provide starting points based upon where you are in teaching the curriculum. The table below outlines the starting content for each cohort by grade level. Please consider this table as you determine which cohort best meets your needs