Friday, January 3, 2014

GED Test Change = panic

One thing you knew at Kaplan Test Prep was that a test change always meant panic. Test anxiety comes from fear of the unknown and the new GED is definitelyl going to cause some problems - from the Fritzwire

GED Test Changes -- AP Education Writer Kimberly Hefling: "The revamped test [out today] is intended to be more rigorous and better aligned with the skills needed for college and today's workplaces. The new test will only be offered on a computer, and it will cost more. What consumers pay for the test varies widely and depends on state assistance and other factors. Even before its launch, officials in many states have balked at the cost increase and at doing away with paper-and-pencil testing. At least nine states ... severed ties with the GED test and adopted one of the two new tests that are entering the market."

However - I had a demo from the guys at Eduss which has an pretty cool adaptive learning program and a full GED online program for the new GED which got some pretty stunning results in NYC.  So if you have a group of students that needs to get ready for the GED, let me know and we can get you some help.