Wednesday, February 19, 2014

12 e-Learning Predictions for this year

They are for Europe but could be for anywhere and make total sense for anyone in the edtech / e-learning market - from Edtech Europe:

  1. Big focus on user engagement - have to get peopel to finish courses
  2. From MOOCs to SOOCs - from massive to selective
  3. Widespread adoption of bring your own device - obviously for the well off who have devices so this could also be a wider education gap between haves and have nots
  4. The rise of data analytics
  5. Mobile, casual and informal learning apps
  6. Peer-to-peer learning platforms
  7. Increased use of video and immersive learning environments
  8. Emergence of learning records stores - (not record stores but data storage for your lifelong learning)
  9. Increased focus on rewards, certification and accreditation
  10. Large media corporations actively investing in e-Learning
  11. Continued growth in online-enabled private tuition
  12. Growing use of technology platforms for vocational training