Monday, August 4, 2014

New Blended Learning Courses - Online Problem Based Learning

News from Blended Schools Network!!

Many of our courses are now available in the new version, which is v3.2. This version includes many great new features, including:
  • Student Learning Objectives (SLO) – SLO’s are written as a general objective that teachers, schools and districts can you as starter objectives to modify to meet the learners enrolled in their courses and sections. You can find these at the unit level in both the master curriculum maps and the new Unit Introduction files linked in master courses and available on the Market Place
  • Pre-Tests and Summative Assessments - Vocabulary and Content pre-test are in the unit introduction to give teachers a baseline data to guide instructional decisions, add content for remediation, allow students to skip items they have demonstrated mastery or modify the scope of content covered.
  • New Course Challenge – This Problem based learning experience that guides students through solving an authentic problem tied to what they are learning in the course while discovering a solution and defending their solution with research and facts.
  • More Emphasis with Vocabulary – A full page in each lesson is devoted to concept vocabulary in where flashcards to introduce the new terms and will also be directed to maintain a vocabulary notebook based on various research based practices designed as a study aid for students.
Where can you get your new course? - All 3.2 courses will be available for members in Canvas and Blackboard as a Master course. All the lesson links are available in the Market to build your own course too!

- See more at: Blended Schools Courses