Tuesday, September 23, 2014

7 Steps to Building a Great Online Course

Our ongoing MOOCs series to help teachers from around the world reach more students through online learning. This one is 7 Steps to Building a Great Online Course 

Full course description

Building an online course is more than just knowing what to click in your course management system. In this course you will learn about the strategy of building an online course using backwards design.
This course is directed toward K-12 online learning but the skills could apply to any online course. Whether you are starting your first online course or looking at a more formal way to redesign an existing online course, this experience is for you.
This course is designed to show a seven-step process to design an online course using iNacol's quality online course standards. In this course we will cover:
  • Step 1: Curriculum planning for online courses
  • Step 2: Building structure in online courses
  • Step 3: Building online assessments
  • Step 4: Building online projects
  • Step 5: Adding external content to online lessons
  • Step 6: Adding direct instruction to online lessons
  • Step 7: Creating online collaboration activities
This course will cover the strategies involved with backwards design of online courses. In a backwards design model the course builder starts by identifying key items that learners must understand by the end of a unit of instruction, assessments are then built to assess that understand and then finally the instruction itself is built.